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Juju Mechanics is the atelier of Beatrice von Rague Schleyer, she/her/they/them.


Originally from New York, she is currently based between Detroit and Los Angeles.


Her primary medium is sculpture, but her practice incorporates movement, video, and still photography.

Her current series, automata, are steel scaffoldings that interact with found car parts. The work is concerned with the material corollary of obsolescence, employing remnants and byproducts from the the late industrial age. Her assemblages attempt to activate the animistic potential of these components in relationship to human bodies and to one another. automata exists in conversation with the work of Ash Arder, culminating in a joint exhibition in November 2022.

She has shown art and performed across the US and in Europe since 2011. Beatrice has also participated in an audio visual collaboration with Sky Goodman known as interference// since 2015. Other collaborators on the project have included Joey Meland, Jeff Schroeder and Suzy Poling.

She fabricates sculptural furniture upon request for selected clients, who have included Selden Standard, The Detroit Optimist Society, Olu & Co., Hamtramck Ceramck, Matthew Angelo Harrison and Shigeto.

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